Wir produzieren Ihre Ideen

How can we support you?

On the way from the idea to a ready-to-market product, there are usually several steps to be taken, and these steps use to take a lot of time. This extends the time-to-market, and potentially the time window for a success of the product is totally missed in the end. In order to speed up the development, and to meet the time-window for your product, you should rely on our experience and support.

Please click on the development and production steps which need our support. We can consult you in single steps, we can manage whole parts of the process, or we can implement multiple steps for you. It totally depends on you, your product, and your resources, how much you want to involve us.

In Consulting Projects, we analyse your product idea and develop strategies for the next steps. This covers the technical strategy as well as the commercial aspects.

In the next step, we can support you to Specify the Product, or we can create the complete specification for you.

The Product Development starts with the implementation of the hardware and software. It also contains the production preparation (concepts, PCB layouts, housing design, packaging, documentation, ...).

For products that are ready-to-market, we arrange the Production. We ensure the quality and availability by utilizing a network of reliable and cost-efficient partners.

To Support your Sales and Marketing Operations, we offer: Import and Sales of existing products, product launch, price analysis and definition of market prices, support in selling overstocked products, etc. etc.

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