Wir produzieren Ihre Ideen

Margin is generated in sourcing

After developing an electronical product, the next issue is to find a cost-efficient manufacturer. Other key factors in production are quality and availability of the products.

By long-time partnerships with manufacturers in Eastern Asia, we realize production costs that can hardly be reached when producing in Europe. Experienced employees are located in Asia and make sure that the quality is on a high level. Furthermore, they test the products immediately when they leave the factory, and they control the packaging and shipping.

Our production partners are able to manufacture smaller batch sizes (from approximately 500 pcs.). With this option, it is possible to launch highly-specialized products at reasonable costs.

Even if you have an electronical product that is ready-to-market, we can show you useful ways to cooperate. Just take advantage of our highly-efficient and cost-oriented production partners, to reduce your costs and to realise a higher margin! Or address new market segments with prices that you could not realise in the past!

Just contact us, show us your product, and we evaluate the opportunities of a production in Asia for you!